Monday, September 27, 2010

Caedmon the percussionist

So, Caedmon's joining the family band! He's on ... shaker!

This Saturday we went to downtown GR for Artprize with a bunch of great Hope friends. Here we are at a Pub-ish type place, and Caedmon gets ahold of a pack of mints. A steady beat ensues. [can you believe it?]

It's not in this video, but before this, Jeannette the music teacher was teaching him how to shake in five/four. What a good aunt.

Next up, we'll hand him the flugelhorn!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Munchy Munchy

ATTENTION : Today, July 26th, I uploaded A TON of new photographs.

SO, if you have been waiting a long, long time for new photographs, you may want to stretch these posts out, instead of indulging in all of them at once. That way, you can appreciate them more.

the title says it all ... except that you should know that Caedmon doesn't really ever suck on his pacifier, he just chews on it.

Caedmon is a happy baby

Caedmon is smiley quite a bit of the time. Here we see him before he had fully learned to crawl. He would often back up accidentally, until he found himself under the couch. Sometimes he was a good sport about it, as he is here.

other times, daddy reads books to him, which Caedmon regards with various levels of interest. A collection of essays in honor of Walter Brueggemann, not so good. He crawled off disinterestedly. But he was definitely enjoying Witvliet's book on the Psalms :

and here's another happy picture just for an extra bonus :


>> here are some incredible pictures with my mom ...

I don't know what the deal is, but whenever I try to upload to CftP, our spotty internet stops working. But since today is my day off, I'm going to keep trying to upload stuff, since I have the sabbath-appointed time.

this last week, our industrious and illustrious brother[in-law] and his girlfriend (respectively) came to visit for the tripartite purpose of

1. attending the Midwest Barista School of JP's in Holland
2. eating at every decent restaurant in Holland
3. hanging out with us

along the way, we decided to watch a movie, and engaged in the obligatory conversation about exactly what movie we were going to watch. in this clip, you can see that Caedmon had his own idea about what film we should watch, which apparently was not on Rachel's list of movies to watch, as evidenced by her "reaction" ... enjoy! (and with apologies to Rachel for misappropriating her words)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

he just fell asleep in my arms ...

... so i can post these pictures.

"hey Caedmon!"
"Caedmon ! ... "

oh hi.

with his two front bottom teeth popping right up, he's been munching on everything.

here is the world's second-most-famous linguist, Noam Chewsky. I've taken to calling him just "Chewsky."

among his recent phonetic research, he has fortuitously discovered the sound "d".

who me?

here is a picture of all four grandparents enjoying him at once.

and who wouldn't enjoy hanging out with someone who looks like a 20th century British literary critic?
"why, yes, yes, of course, William Empson is a friend of mine, but his interpretation of Milton is just muddle-headed."

just kidding.

Mr. Rodriguez, are you free for an interview?
"uh, waiter, I ordered the solid food entree..."

well Mr. Rodriguez, what did you think of the film?

in these next pictures, you can see that his hair is growing out!

what a cute lil fuzzball.

nakers! actually, he's kind of buff. Look at that superhero build ...

some times, he finds his toes !!

he's a happy boy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the returnry!

I have been very cruel by neglecting this blog. Sorry sorry sorry to those of you who have been patiently waiting for more pictures. Hopefully this will make it up to you a little! (a big batch!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joanna can take pictures, too

here's some pictures Joanna took of her and Caedmon.

he's a happy baby.