Monday, March 7, 2011

Caedmon the Chemist

Act one:

Caedmon likes to mix things in mixing bowls. But lately he's moved beyond stirring, pestling, and whipping into ladling.

Act two:

After all of his experiments are over, Caedmon enjoys a few shots of the fruit of his hard labor.
Look at him pouring himself little samples of his experiment! (Notice how he sneaks in a swig straight from the bottle!)

Just like heavy hip-shaking, we PROMISE we didn't teach him how to pour himself shots. Must be all that cable television we let him watch.

Hey you! Yeah you, I'm talking to you.

He's just the most polite little boy. Look at him sitting there, posing for a 1950s children's book. The page where the family is at church.

I'm just sitting here, playing with muh feet ...

roof roof.