Wednesday, May 5, 2010

he just fell asleep in my arms ...

... so i can post these pictures.

"hey Caedmon!"
"Caedmon ! ... "

oh hi.

with his two front bottom teeth popping right up, he's been munching on everything.

here is the world's second-most-famous linguist, Noam Chewsky. I've taken to calling him just "Chewsky."

among his recent phonetic research, he has fortuitously discovered the sound "d".

who me?

here is a picture of all four grandparents enjoying him at once.

and who wouldn't enjoy hanging out with someone who looks like a 20th century British literary critic?
"why, yes, yes, of course, William Empson is a friend of mine, but his interpretation of Milton is just muddle-headed."

just kidding.

Mr. Rodriguez, are you free for an interview?
"uh, waiter, I ordered the solid food entree..."

well Mr. Rodriguez, what did you think of the film?

in these next pictures, you can see that his hair is growing out!

what a cute lil fuzzball.

nakers! actually, he's kind of buff. Look at that superhero build ...

some times, he finds his toes !!

he's a happy boy.