Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caedmon's Creations

Here are some of the things Caedmon's been creating lately.

Outside-the-box Lincoln Log houses:

 Pretend beds on the living room floor:

And "cars":

Don't Drum and Drive!
He has also used these same items to make several different "models" of cars, as well as buses and airplanes. The variations are endless. The only rule is that he must use all the toys, the file boxes, the ottoman, and all the throw pillows.

See that skinny pillow in between the ottoman and the file box? That's the engine.

What will you be someday, Caedmon?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Milk Sessions

You'll be glad to know that this post is not a series of photos of me breastfeeding Esther.

No, it's a series of photos I took of Caedmon waaaaay back in June, drinking a big glass of raw milk. I took them for this post I wrote about the awesomeness of raw milk, but it might as well have been about his cuteness. So here they are. Sorry there are so many; I couldn't bear to leave out any of those adorable, milk moustached faces.