Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grunters and Beal

Caedmon grunts all the time. All day long. He's just a grunter, I guess.

Here's an example of what he does every day.

The beginning shows him dreaming. One of these days I'll catch him when he's having a really good dream. It's outrageous, all the faces he makes when he's dreaming. But he wakes up from the dream, and he makes a bunch of funny faces while trying to wake up. Watch for the raised eyebrows ...

So yeah, that's what he does all day. He also has a variation, a short grunt that sounds like he's clearing his throat. It's funnier, but it's more rare. Except at four in the morning. He seems to like to clear his throat at four in the morning.

" yeah, you like that ? "

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

none of these were posed

Caedmon is a man of many faces. Should the need arise, he is capable of assuming any role the occasion requires. A consummate actor, he can embody any role with passion and ease.

Witness some of his recent performances:

Batman (with cape blowing in the wind for dramatic effect)

a gunslinger ready to draw

this could be anything. is he an author? a fashion model? a literature professor? an armchair critic?

an opera singer

trying to figure out what to order from the Taco Bell menu

AAAHHH! Get it off me! I'm being attacked by my own hand !!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mickey [!?] Meets the Schultz Family

This last weekend Joanna's grandmother Louise passed away. She never got to meet her new great-grandson Caedmon, but she did see pictures, and we knew she loved the little guy. So much so that she already had a nickname for him. I'm told that one day she declared (out of the blue) that she was going to call him "Mickey". So far no one knows where that came from. But it might stick. Except that "Mickey Rodriguez" totally sounds like the name of a baseball player. Maybe even the ultimate multi-racial baseball player.

So the weekend was hard. (It was also Caedmon's first road trip, and he did pretty well, but it was draining). But on the plus side, Caedmon got to meet a lot more of his extended family. And it was pretty amazing to see how he brought much-needed life to so many people at the wake, the funeral, and the graveyard.

Right before we headed out to Plainfield / Naperville, he was making some really cute faces, so I snapped a few pictures ...

and once we arrived ... here he is meeting Dora !

When I changed his diaper and he was screaming in agony, Dora came into the room, looking as though she was sorry for Caedmon. She looked at him with big sad eyes.

he also met these two responsible-looking gentlemen. Just minutes before this picture, they were extolling the virtues of Miracle Whip as a salad dressing. We see here the effects of their life choices.

and here's Caedmon with "Ol' Pap" Leeman

Caedmon carries the histories of his family with him. Though he never met Great-Grandma Louise until we tipped him to peak into her casket, he carries her memory with him simply by virtue of his interwoven place in this family.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

parents visit

Joanna's mom came right when Joanna called her to tell her that she was having her first major contractions, so she got here in time to witness the actual birth. Then she stayed for a week and a half, helping a ton around the house and effectively saving us from the sudden doom of life with a new baby and old responsibilities clashing together.

here's a picture of her and Caedmon :

"thanks grandma!"

and here's a couple really cute pictures of Caedmon after his second breakfast one morning (depending on how early in the morning you start counting, it could have been his fourth or fifth breakfast) :

it's too bad the picture is out of focus. but at least I caught it.

don't know what that face is all about ...

finally, my parents came again this weekend to see Caedmon, and Jacob my brother came for the first time, so he got to meet him!

mom demonstrating how to relieve gas pain (can you see it in his face? He's stuck all the time and he grunts just as often ... )

i think they like each other

Monday, November 2, 2009

the big yawn

at least once a day, Caedmon lets out a monster yawn. i mean, the kind that looks like a lion. except that he's just a cute lil' cub.

here's an example (I'm also a fan of his loss of head control at the beginning) :

yes, we're listening to music together. it's Herbie Hancock. So far, baby Caedmon seems to like the jazz greats. At least he calms down whenever i drum a swing beat on his back, or hum the head to "One Finger Snap" in his ear.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Climbing Mt. Daddy

i think i see a smile there ...